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A Brief Overview of Josephine Wall

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Born in Farnham, Surrey, England in 1947, Jo was educated at Farnham and Parkstone Grammar Schools, then she and her family moved to Poole, Dorset when she was 14. Even as a child, Josephine exhibited a passion for light and colour, and a love of fantasy and visual story telling. The life of a painter was clearly in her cards! Her imagination creates enchanting and detailed images in an endless waterfall of ideas. Her paintings are mainly fantasies, with inspiration and influence supplied by the likes of Arthur Rackam's illustrative talent, the surrealism of artists such as Magritte and Dali, and the romanticism of the pre-Raphaelites, which combined with her own imaginative ideas has led to a wide and varied range of work.

Along with her unmatched talent in painting, Josephine is also an accomplished sculptor and has created a number of unique figurines, as well as working with character windows.

A timeline of her major accomplishments, as listed on her web site, include the following milestones:

  • 1967 - Following three years at Bournemouth College studying Fine Art, Josephine worked at Poole Pottery as a designer and painter of Delphis Ware (now very collectable), later modeling animals to be displayed at Harrods in London. Her pottery figures include characters from Tolkien’s "Lord of the Rings" and mythological creatures. Certain pieces of this work now form part of a book on the history of Poole Pottery.
  • 1974 - A number of larger paintings were exhibited in Teheran and Tokyo.
  • 1975 - Held her first solo exhibition in Swindon.
  • 1990 - Following a period during which she brought up her three children whilst still exhibiting both locally and abroad, a second solo exhibition was held at the Mayfield Gallery in Bournemouth. Also during this year, Josephine and her paintings were the subject of a special feature on Southern Television in the UK.
  • 1991 - Held her third solo exhibition at the Mayfield Gallery.
  • 1993 - Following a visit to the Spring Fair in Birmingham she signed contracts with F.J.Warren based in Hitchen, England and Wizard and Genius from Switzerland to publish her work in the form of framing prints, posters and cards. These prints are distributed worldwide.
  • A Dance Of All Seasons 1995 - Josephine’s painting "Dance Of All Seasons" was selected for the cover of W&G’s “Cheerful Joys” catalogue.
  • 1996 - Signed a licensing agreement with Art Impressions based in Los Angeles, California, which has led to many new outlets for Josephine’s images. Many products are now produced including cards, stationery, puzzles, journals, bookplates, back to school products, mugs, needlepoint kits and posters, as well as limited edition prints.
  • 1998 - Five original works were selected for an exhibition at London’s prestigious Mall Gallery entitled “Art of the Imagination”. Josephine has subsequently joined the circle of artists in the society of the same name, with the possibility of many more exhibitions worldwide.
  • 1999 – Many products are now produced including cards, stationery, puzzles, journals, bookplates, back to school products, mugs, needlepoint kits and posters, as well as limited edition prints.
  • 2004 – First exhibition at the New York Art Expo, resulting in 6 images being selected for use as Hand Embellished Limited Edition Prints for sale at auctions on board cruise ships around the world.
  • 2005 – Exhibition at New York Art Expo at which her first book was released, “The Fantasy World of Josephine Wall”. Received a nomination for the Artv Awards (like Oscars for art) which is to be held on 28th October this year at the M.G.M.Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Pop Icon Britney Spears requested the use of a number of images for use on her new website Britney also purchased a number of Limited Edition prints and Josephine is working on an original painting for her. Self Published 8 new Limited Edition prints.

Josephine and her husband currrently live at Wysteria Cottage where she works in a purpose-built attic studio. The walls are covered with a huge wisteria, hand painted of course. Josephine is convinced that working under the pyramid shaped roof is a source of inspirational vibes, aiding her creativity!