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A Brief Overview of Jessica Galbreth

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Jessica Galbreth started a small web site in 1999 to showcase her artistry. From that, she has expanded her web site and product line to a large and varied enterprise in a surprisingly short time. You can find Jessica's work in numerous formats, from prints to greeting cards to calendars and books to collectible figurines and ceramics produced by leading manufacturers throughout the world. With her art and inspired products reaching around the globe, Jessica has indeed become a world-renowned mythic artist.

She is perhaps most celebrated for her ability to capture the haunting and often mysterious beauty of goddesses and faeries from mythology. Each of her visions brought to life on paper have a personality of their own, and often evoke strong feelings in those who view them. Some of her faeries are elegant, sweet and wistful, while others are defiant, dark and powerful.

Today, Jessica and her husband Josh, and their two children make their home in Waterville, Ohio where she has her studio. Though Jessica did study fine art with a major in painting for three years at the Toledo Museum of Art, she also considers herself largely a self-taught artist. She crafts her original works of art mostly with watercolors, pen and ink, but at times also utilizes an airbrush and acrylic for certain effects.