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A Brief Overview of Amy Brown

A Faery's Whimsy Information Page

Artists like Arthur Rackham, Brian Froud and Alan Lee, and movies such as "The Dark Crystal", "Labyrinth", and "Legend" first influenced Amy, and led to her love of Fantastical tales and mythical creatures that has continued over the years with new artists, books and films inspiring her imagination and talent.

In 1992, a job at the Festival Of Art gallery led to her first Faery painting, it's sale, and then more offerings in the gallery, local shops, and street fairs and other venues. Her website debuted in 1997, leading to more sales, and in 2001 "Hot Topic" stores licensed her work, and helped bring Faeries into the artistic mainstream.

In 2002, Chimera Publishing put out Amy's first art book, finally released in 2003, and was such a success it was followed by her second book in mid-2005. She has other future books in mind, but no solid concepts yet.

Amy is grateful to all who have supported her, and says: "I would like to thank everyone who has been so supportive over the years; fans, friends, family, fellow artists, and companies. I would also like to thank all of the artists (past and present) who have been so inspiring to me and all Faery artists around the world. It's a wonderful time we live in when we can share our dreams and inspirations so freely with others and work to bring more beauty to the world. Keep believing and keep creating!"