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WAVE RIDER MERMAID EAR WRAP Sterling Silver Hand Crafted Jewelry

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  • Model: MM-EW-WRM
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  • Manufactured by: Marty Magic

Wind Rider Mermaid Ear Wrap
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry

Fantasy Jewelry
by Marty Magic

You can almost feel the wind blowing and the sea swelling as this graceful Mermaid rides the waves. Ride your own waves with this wonderful Mermaid Ear Wrap! This detailed Wave Rider Mermaid wraps gracefully along the edge of the left ear. It is not available for the right ear. (Diamond not included.)

  • Hand-Crafted of Sterling Silver
  • The length of this ear wrap is just over 2"
  • A sterling silver bar goes behind the ear to hold the ear wrap in place

This wonderful jewelry created by Marty Magic is lost wax cast in sterling silver, and personally sculpted by Marty in her mountain studio. All of the designs are Marty's originals, and all the processes are done by hand. Marty's designs are whimsical, encompassing the realm of fantasy. The lost wax casting process involves creating a model in wax which is then suspended in a metal flask, and "investment" is poured around it. (Investment is very much like plaster.) The invested flask is then placed in a kiln and the wax model is slowly melted out until only the negative cavity, the exact shape of the original wax model, remains. Molten metal is then centrifugally spun into this negative space and allowed to cool and solidify.
After the metal piece has been broken free from the plaster, there is a long process required in finishing the piece. Sprues (the bump at the opening where the molten metal was poured into the mold) must be cut and ground and various polishing media are used to bring the piece to its final polished state. The piece is then oxidized, which darkens the recessed areas and shows off details, giving the piece more of a three-dimensional, sculptural appearance.

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