Blossom Reed Diffuser-SYMPATHY-Blown Glass-Scent Oil-Kitras

Blossom Reed Diffuser-SYMPATHY-Blown Glass-Scent Oil-Kitras


Table Top Kitras Art Glass Ornament
- Blossom Scent Diffuser -
~ "Sympathy" Pattern ~

Approximately 4.0 Inch - Hand Blown - Glass Ball
- Aromatherapy -
with Diffusing Reeds & "Cinnamon Vanilla" Scent Oil
Blown Art Glass (TT-BLFL-04-SY)

The "Sympathy" pattern is mainly green for the stems and light blue for the petals, with splashes of rede for the stamens. Beautifully crafted and much safer than scented candles or potpouri burners or incense to give out your favorite fragrances.

Enjoy the beauty in your home of this beautiful, hand crafted piece.

This intriguing hand-blown glass ornament serves two purposes. When displayed in a window, or around another light source, its beautiful color sparkles in the light, giving your room a special glow. Paired with its own special scent, it diffuses a hint of classic fragrance to create a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends. The diffuser may be displayed on desks, night stands or shelves.

Reed is very porous and excellent for diffusion. Each reed stick contains 20 or more individual cellular sections that run from top to bottom of the reed, think of 20 micro-mini straws, totally open to pull liquid from bottom to top. This wicks the fragrance from inside the bottle, carries it to the top surface of the reed, and releases the fragrance into the air naturally.

Kitras Hand-Blown Art Glass Ornaments make a special, unique gift for a loved one in your life. Crafted by artisans in Canada using ages old glass blowing techniques, these hand blown art glass scent diffusers are made up of a beautiful mix of colors, with slender tendrils rising from bottom to top. A small oil vial is blown within each of the diffusers to hold the oil, so only a small amount is needed to fill the room with fragrance. Each one is unique and unlike any other in its combination of colors and patterns. The photos are just an illustration of this combination.

Being hand blown, these balls vary a bit in size, with a diameter of around 4". Hand crafted by Kitras artisans in Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

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